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Red wolf pup

This is what Edme might've looked like before her maiming.

Dunbar, being the cheiftain of the Mac Heaths, wanted to have a representative for the clan at the Sacred Watch. There was only one problem, the Mac Heaths were genetically unable to produce deformed pups, therefore they had no chance at getting into the watch. Dunbar wanted a deformed pup that could be later sent to the watch, so he tore out a pup named Edme's eye. Her mother, Akira, wanted revenge for her pup, so she lunged at Dunbar, and tried to go for his eye, but missed. Instead she carved the horrible, puckered, raw scar on his face, and it still remains to this day. As for Akira, she tried to escape to the Mac Namara clan, but was killed by a byrrgis on the way there.

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