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Faolan has luminous green eyes with dark silvery-gray fur running from the top of his head to his back and the top of his tail. The rest of his body is a light silver, almost white. He has a black nose, and a bit of a white above his eyes, with shiny golden fangs. One of his front paws were splayed, and when it was splayed, his toes were further apart from each other. When the Great Mending comes, the paw straightens, with a spiral mark shaped like a swirled star on the paw on his left paw, making him a malcadh. He has a deep voice, since being raised by a bear. This is unusual, as the clan wolves have soft whispering. Morag, his mother, stated that she might've named him after the constellation Skaarsgard, the star wolf who helps wolves up the star ladder, because it seemed to her as if the stars had fallen from the sky and been swirled through his fur.

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